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What We Do

PaperClip Professional Organisers  helps people with the problem of disorganisation.  We take away that feeling of overwhelm  – you know that feeling – when you look at a disorganised area and just don’t know where to start.

We work together with you and while helping you get your frequent frustrations eliminated we also teach you how to implement our user  friendly systems to help you to get organised and most importantly stay organised. These easy stepped systems  really work and best of all  can be maintained. Keeping you organised.

Why do you want to get more organised?  To then enable you to find time for more important things in your life, like:-

  • spending time with your family instead of spending time looking for things you cannot find.
  • being  able to  focus on the job at hand.
  • being able to spend time on  building  and growing your business instead of drowning in piles of  paper clutter.
  • No longer  wasting time and money due to disorganisation

We achieve this with you  by running fun and interactive workshops and seminars including practical breakaway sessions as well as one on one consultations.

You know how most business owners are frustrated and
overwhelmed with the paperwork and information flow coming into their business, well I
teach them an easy, achievable and implementable  step by step system that gets them
organized, back in control and able to focus on building their
business instead of drowning in paper and emails.

I work with all types of business owners from small to
large. Businesses that are passionate about their products
and services yet struggle with the day to day paperwork and
information flow.
Previously  wasting precious time and money by trying to manage their paper and information flow themselves with little or no understanding of what is required to deal with their never ending work flow efficiently and effectively.

I teach them a simple system with the right tools that will show
them how to deal with every piece of paper and every email  that comes into
their environment. This drastically reduces their stress levels
as they feel in control and able to focus on their core business
and spend precious time with their loved ones rather than
drowning  in paperwork.
Within a short time, my clients go from overwhelmed to
organized in easy manageable steps that can be maintained
even when they are away from their business or their business
Unlike other professional organisers that come in and purely
organize an area, our systems, teach you everything you need to know to be able
to be organized and stay organized.

If your lack of systems and paper and email  chaos are already
causing you stress and heartache, ignoring them wont make
them go away. It is time to get back in control of your life and
business by getting organized by a professional that will come
to your space and get you sorted

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