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The 10  Minute Task!

The 10 Minute Task!

Isn’t this so true!
There is nothing like an unexpected guest dropping by to get your place in order. This doesn’t have to be a “stress test” if you apply the 10-minute rule.

Setting a timer can often be just the motivation you need to get the job done

Working in 10- minute bursts creates that same sense of urgency as that “unexpected drop-in”. Try these…


10 MINUTES DELETING EMAILS – Open up that overwhelming inbox and delete all the irrelevant emails ( start with the unread first)

10 MINUTES  UNSUBSCRIBING EMAILSOpen up that overwhelming inbox and UNSUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE from all the newsletters and emails that are no longer of interest to you.

10 MINUTE FILING BLITZGet out that pile of filing and go-go-go. in 10 minutes a day you can keep those piles away.

10  MINUTE  BILL PAYING BLITZSet that timer and get online or make those calls. No more late or missed payments.

10 MINUTE STATIONERY DRAWER CLEAN UPopen that junk draw and get it done 10 minutes at a time. Donate usable or bin unusable stationery.

10 MINUTES  UNTANGLING AND ELIMINATING TECH WIRES Get out that box of technology and sort it out into useful and useless. Only keep the current technology of products you actually still own and use.


10 MINUTES AFTER DINNER CLEAN UP – This is one of my favourites. Setting a timer helps get everyone on board. If they know it will be quick they will help – otherwise, they scatter like beetles when you mention “lets clean up!”

10 MINUTE BEFORE BED BLITZJust before bedtime pick up and put back all those items lying around. Why not get the family involved. Won’t it be great when you get up in the morning and the place is tidy and ready for the new day?
10  MINUTE LAUNDRY BLITZ – Put on a load of washing, fold a load of washing and put some laundered clothes away… easy does it!
10 MINUTE BATHROOM BLITZ Put away the daily toiletries, wipe down the basin and a quick toilet brushing. Refreshed and ready to go.
10 MINUTE IRONING BLITZSwitch that iron-on and press those shirts- before you know it they will be ready for your workweek.
10 MINUTES KITCHEN CLEAN UPDishwasher unpacked and re-packed – counters wiped.

Now, make a cup of teaafter all, you deserve the reward.

You may find you set it again ..and again…. it is fun to beat the clock!

So get that timer set .. on your smartphone or that kitchen clock…


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