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The Bathroom Blitz

The Bathroom Blitz

Bathroom Bedlam to Bathroom Bliss?

Under the sink areas are often highly under utilised.

First and foremost get all that stuff out from under there!
Give the shelves a clean. and you are ready to go.

Consolidate the like items together.
Bin any that are out of date or no longer used.

Allocate those like items into storage containers.

TIP 1: Utilise the space you have effectively by working with containers that can easily be pulled forward.

The Bathroom Blitz...

PaperClip  Before and After – The Bathroom Blitz…

This way you are able to use that dead space at the back by keeping spares there.
Items used less frequently go on the bottom shelf – toiletry bags in roll out bin and a hot water bottle in this example.

TIP 2: Label your containers to ensure things are put back where they belong. A great solution for keeping the family organised too. 

BAthroom Blitz labelled

Now the counters stay clear and ……Everything is in its place and  there is a place for everything. 
ahhhh… Bathroom bliss!

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