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Kids Time & Coco’s Early Learning Centres

We run 4 childcare centres and we were up to our necks in paperwork and had no efficient way of moving paperwork through the office. Prior to Sue Glasser coming over our paperwork just kept piling up. Now, since having Sue and putting the paper flow system in place, we have a well-organised, clutter-free office. Thanks to Sue, we now have a good system in place for all our paperwork and our business runs much more efficiently because of it.

Sue Glasser also presented a very informative and well organised workshop for our staff across four centres. We have put all the principles of paper flow into action and it has changed the way we view paperwork and has saved us enormous amounts of time.

I can highly recommend Sue Glasser we couldn’t have done it without her!

Anna Lahmy

Kids Time & Coco’s Early Learning Centres

Anna LahmyOwnerKids Time & Coco’s Early Learning Centres
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