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Dr E To

When was the last time 50$ changed your entire life? I’ll tell you my story. It was the day i met Sue Glasser at a kikki k workshop – ‘own your story’

I sat there dumbfounded, questioning myself why i had not attended these amazing workshops earlier.  After working as a doctor for 28 years, i thought i had most of the answers. But what sue was saying was a revelation. The way she presented the workshop was so uplifting – it did change my entire life, and because of her, it has changed the many lives of my patients.

What she said resonated with me. It was brilliant. I began to truly understand that most life problems cannot be fixed by a tablet.

That many of those who seek help needs understanding and guidance. I have subsequently attended all the kikki k workshops to date. My many years in university never taught was sue taught me.

I am so proud of the help i have given and continue to give my patients and guide both myself and them on a positive journey towards a purposeful life lived with intention and passion.  Thank you sue. Dr Elean To -GP

Dr E To
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