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Sunday is Scheduling day for the week ahead

Sunday is Scheduling day for the week ahead

I have always used Sundays as my day to prepare for the week ahead. Taking out my planner and checking what’s in my diary for the following week.

This is a great habit to get into and particularly now while we are all in lockdown it is even more important to take the time to plan your week and plan your days.

Where to start?


Take some time to plan what meals you are going to have and food you will need during the week ahead.  This will allow you to limit your shopping time which is our intention at the moment.

Not sure what to make?  Ask your family or the people you live with their favourite meals – voila!  You have a menu.


For those of you who are still able to work from home, this is a little easier as you will have tasks to-do lists to get done and virtual meetings to attend. This gives you some structure to your day. See my tips sheet here for working from home

For those of you who are not working while in your self-isolation it is not as easy to fill your time. The days will just seem to flow into each other, and you may feel very bored, frustrated and ultimately unaccomplished.

Here are some things you can schedule into your day to help fill the time and make the most of your time.

Start with a good MORNING ROUTINE

GET UP AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY – the earlier the better.

Include some or all of the following good habits in your morning routine – remember if you win the morning you will win the day.

Meditate – I find guided mediations are best. My favourites here.

Calm, insight timer, Deepak Chopra, buddhify, Oak

Exercise Include some exercise into your morning: Change it up: A Walk, online gym session, Yoga session, Calisthenics

Put pen to paper – Take the time to write something down.

Do a Gratitude list

focus on goals for after this season of sacrifice

Your feelings I general – better out of your head than in.

Make your bed! – Making your bed means you have already done one simple task for the day and it will allow you to follow through on the rest.

Messy bed – messy life after all.

Watch this amazing speech by Admiral William H McRaven to reiterate this important task

Things to schedule into your days:


Decide what time you are going to prep and sit down and eat your meals.

Try and share at least one meal a day with your family or people you are living with. Why not use this time to discuss best thing of your  day or something you are grateful for.


Are you always saying you wish you had time to do the things you love to do?

Now is the time to enjoy your hobbies or even start new one.

Get creative: drawing




Play music – learn an new instrument


Limit your time on social media – allocate time to scroll guilt-free once you have spent time doing something constructive.


Virtual coffees, meetings, quiz nights, exercise sessions, art classes, daily family calls …. The ideas are endless.

Research has proven that connection is literally the number one reason that makes people happy.  Even though we cannot have physical connection right now we can have a virtual connection.


Take this time to learn something new.

Finish those online courses you paid for and never got to finish.

Update your qualifications and compliances.

Choose an accountability partner.

Often the best way to maintain a habit is to find someone who you can be accountable to.

You will find if you plan your week ahead, set up a good morning routine and follow through on a scheduled day this time of isolation can, in fact, be a great time to build some great habits to carry you into “life after corona”. This too will end because every storm runs out of rain and the sun does shine again.

Want to get in touch to learn more, set up a virtual session or get  more tips from me.

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