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Power Up your Pantry

Power Up your Pantry


By Sue Glasser Certified in8Steps and Paper Flow Consultant

PaperClip Professional Organisers

Pantry Before and After  from chaos to calm.

PaperClip Pantry Power Up Before and After
from Chaos to Calm.


How do you feel when you open your pantry door?

The pantry is by far one of the most frequently visited areas in any home. Whether it is a walk in pantry, an inset pantry or even just a cupboard allocated to pantry items, almost all processes and procedures in the kitchen will require something from this area.

Having a more organised pantry will save the whole family TIME, MONEY AND STRESS,

so here are some tips and ideas on how to tackle this area –


  • Take everything out of the pantry and set it all out in ‘LIKE’ categories.  This is important so that you can see how much of something you actually have, rather than what you think is in there – it is often quite a shock when you realise how many types of teas you have accumulated!


Everything out and in Like catagories

PaperClip Pantry Power Up  Everything out and in LIKE categories

  • Discard /recycle or release any items that are out of date, no longer used and loved or that do not belong in the pantry or kitchen.
  • Clean pantry shelves/area – wipe down and dry.



  • Allocate the pantry items left into storage containers or options that are suitable.

See images below to get some ideas of the type of containers you can use.

  • Decant wherever necessary, eg. Flours and sugars into the new storage containers. Remember to use airtight containers so the products last longer. (I use Décor).


Decor - flours Decor for flours and sugars

PaperClip Pantry Power Up Decor products for flours, sugars and baking products

  • Remove or re-configure shelving if necessary. In this instance (see before and after images below) I removed a shelf, which made more room for the cans on the extendable step shelf. Now there is easier access to these items and it looks a lot neater.
Shelf Removed to make more space for cans

PaperClip Pantry Power Up Shelf Removed to make more space for cans


Place items that are used regularly or more often in easily accessible places.

Examples:  School snacks at their eye level so the kids can learn to prepare their own lunch boxes!

For cooking – Oils, Spices, flours, sugars need to be easily accessible – (see where these are located in the image below).

Items used less often should be at the top or bottom as these are accessed less often – paper ware, flasks, cake tins, etc.

Once you have allocated the items and put them back into the pantry in their new containers, it is time to enjoy your newly organised space!

Use the new system for a while and evaluate how it is working for the family.  If anything needs to be moved around or re-allocated go ahead and fix it.

Being organised means finding things you need when you need them. If you have an easy, maintainable system with the right tools,

you will have the ability to be organised. The emphasis is on maintenance. In order to keep it this way, you will need to allocate some time every few months to check your stock levels , check expiry dates and keep the containers clean and full.

To stay organised all the family needs to do is to put the things back in the containers or spaces allocated.

It is a simple rule that will keep you all more organised.

So there you go, from chaos to calm!  Good luck on Powering Up your pantry .

We would love to see those before and afters. ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page so  that you can share them.

If you would prefer not to tackle this on your own and feel that you need a helping hand –  PaperClip Professional Organisers will be happy to assist.

We offer a 2 hour Pantry Blitz to get you up and running or

a 4 hour full Power-Up and organisation of the full pantry from initiation to celebration.

Contact us here for more information of what these two options include and details on pricing etc.

or email or call 0402 109 007


  • Zak Canisters
  • Marie Baskets
  • Decor Plastic ware
  • Expandable shelf organiser
  • Amalie Pull out organisers
  • Double Lazy Susan Turn Table
Perfect Product options for Powering Up your Pantry

PaperClip Pantry Power Up Perfect Product options for Powering Up your Pantry



Pantry Before and After Chaos to Calm

PaperClip Pantry Power Up  Before and After Chaos to Calm


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