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If Paper “work” was called Paper “play” would it still be disorganised?

If Paper “work” was called Paper “play” would it still be disorganised?

If you no longer treated your paperwork as “work” you would ¬†find it will be easier to deal with and to keep more organised.

What does that mean?

Think of it this way. Paper is the HISTORY of your life . It starts with the day you are born with your birth certificate and every other event is basically documented from there. Your school history, achievements, awards, university history, marriage, wills, investments, finances, photographs, the list goes on. Think about your own list and why not write them down.

Do you run your own business? Paperwork is in fact the LIFEBLOOD of your business.
Let me ask you this. If paper was not flowing into your business would you still have a business?
Every invoice, email , business card, brochure , blog, article , bank statement, even your filing means that you have a business. So celebrate the flow of paper and information as it represents sales, bookings and success.

So, now that you are looking at your paperwork with a different respect, how do you deal with your paper and information to get it flowing in through and out of your environment ?

Simple organising systems with the correct tools will help you to get more organised.
Like choosing to do your paper”play” first thing every day and work on a different topic each day

Taking back control of your paper and information in small bite sized pieces will get you on track. You can then focus on other aspects in your life like spending time with family, building your client base and doing the things you love.
Now that sounds good doesn’t it?

So there you go, paper “work” does not need to be your enemy – if you understand and respect it’s importance in all aspects of your life it is in fact one of your biggest allies.
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