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The Perfect Organising Solution to Staying in Touch

The Perfect Organising Solution to Staying in Touch

Send out Cards for blog PM


SEND OUT CARDS on time every time!

I love to go to my post box! I know you thinking I am crazy right? But, up until you pick up your mail there is always a feeling of excitement .. a  chance that there is a nice surprise in there  like a cheque, a card even an invite…. not just bills ( “window envelopes “)

I received a wonderful Thank You SEND OUT CARD from someone and loved it! What a fantastic idea .. Receiving a real card in the mail .. not some e-card that can be missed .. or never get’s opened.

It felt personalised and special and looked so professional.

I loved the idea so much that I needed find out how I can send these to my clients , family and friends   I joined up immediately and have never looked back. Now they love it too

Let’s face it , it can be exhausting to look up each address when sending a card, keeping note of special dates and then of course remembering to send a card on time so it gets to the person on or before the occasion.

If you want to be organised you need to take positive, easy and manageable steps to change what you are currently doing. Send Out Cards have a great Contact Manager where you can store all of your addresses in one place.

When sending a card, simply select an address that’s been saved pick a date you want it be sent and Wallah! This will take the pressure off you to make sure you send out your birthday, anniversary and Xmas cards on time as well as stay in touch with clients.

Now you can avoid that embarrassment of saying “ I was not organised enough – to get them out on time” – and rather look highly organised and efficient.

I have included this into my Paper Flow system and it has really allowed me to take control of my communication with clients and family and friends … saving me time and money ( and making me look good 🙂 )

Want to learn more .. click here or give me a call on 0402 109 007 or email on