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Cluttered Mind = Cluttered Space, Cluttered Space = Cluttered Mind

Cluttered Mind = Cluttered Space, Cluttered Space = Cluttered Mind

Is your space (Office/workplace/ home) disorganised?

Is your head filled with thoughts that are muddling your mind and head space?


Often the overwhelm of things that are surrounding your physical space can begin to clutter your mind too.  Whether it is paperwork, books, clothing, even too much furniture, this mental and physical overwhelm can  then come between yourself and those who live or work around you.

We tend to have a compulsion to acquire “stuff”. The more “stuff” we bring into our space the less room we leave for ourselves and our relationships.

It does take a while for all of this clutter to arrive in your environment.  It just seems to build up and up over a period of time! If it is not dealt with on a regular basis, this mess starts to encroach not only into your space and into your life, but also on those around you.
Sometimes people choose to make time to work on their goals which is a great place to start, however, they fail to realise that goal setting is a holistic approach.

After spending time with life coaches who assist them in working on their life’s purpose, people often begin to set goals and start coming to terms with their limitations and how to overcome them. However, when coming back into their space or environment which is often cluttered and disorganised, the mental clarity and enthusiasm that they have mustered is then deflated when they feel the overwhelm of their physical mess.

When you make a decision to work on your life’s purpose it is important to remember that being organised and taking control of your environment is just as important as taking control of your thoughts and actions. When you work on both of these areas you will get to the place you want to be.

The process of de-cluttering and moving the excess mess out of your space has an amazing and recognisable effect on you and those around you.

When working with one of my clients recently this became very evident.

Over many years this family of 4 had slowly accumulated an overwhelming amount of “stuff” into their home environment.  Due to different and unfortunate personal circumstances such as financial issues, the loss of a parent and other work related problems, none of their clutter had been dealt with.  They found themselves in a situation where they needed to sell their house in order to get back on track.

By the time myself and my colleague were called in to assist, there was a lot of animosity and anger between the family members, purely because their minds were reflecting their physical space.

The couple were sleeping in separate rooms and were continually bickering.  The kids were uninterested, disconnected and unhelpful.

The amount of ‘stuff’ was overwhelming, even for us as organisers! However we all took on the challenge together.

After the first few 8 hour days of working with the family we could already notice that as the clutter moved out of their environment, the distance between them started to get smaller and smaller.

Once we finished after 15 full days of work over a two month period – the couple had moved back into the same room and the children had started to communicate with them again.  They were able to sell their house and work towards a better future. It was a humbling experience which we were honoured to be a part of.

My message to you today is that if you choose to clear both your mind space and your living space you will be able to move forward and get on enjoying your life, focusing on your goals and finally having time to do the things you really want to do.

Take some time to think about what areas you would like to clear up in your life, both mentally and physically, and start to work on these one small area at a time -remembering that a big job is really a lot of small jobs put together. Working in sections at a time  WILL get you there!


Sue Glasser from PaperClip Professional Organisers specialises in helping people who are struggling with disorganisation. Taking  you from  overwhelmed to organised in easy manageable steps and most importantly steps that can be maintained.

Sue rescues you from under your paperwork and/ or home clutter so you can get on with more important things in you life. All this is done  through fun and interactive workshops and one on one, non-judgemental and confidential consultations.

T) 0402 109 007 e)

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