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Are you a slave to your notifications?

Are you a slave to your notifications?

These constant distractions are fighting for your time and attention. If we become a slave to our notifications then we are allowing others to dictate what we do with  our time.

The constant ding on your screens is distracting and takes you away from focused tasks.

TURN OFF AUTO NOTIFY for your emails and all social media . This one small action will make a marked difference to the productivity of your work day.

You decide when you want to check your emails and look at your Instagram, face book, what’s app or twitter. 

The secret is to schedule specific times during your day to work with your emails or check your social media. 

This will allow you to focus on a task and finish it which will give you a sense of accomplishment. Single tasking is the way to go – multi tasking is a myth! 

Take back control of your time.

Less Screen time = more me time!  

To learn more on how to manage your time and take back control contact Sue to discuss workshops, practical session and consultations on Time Management and Organisational skills  

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