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About Sue

Hi, I am Sue Glasser,  your Time Management,  organising expert and mindset mentor, speaker and consultant.

I  help people solve the problem of disorganisation.  Taking away that feeling of overwhelm.  Do you know that feeling?  When you look at a disorganised area, your current inbox or piles of paper and don’t know where to start.

I work together with you helping you get your frequent frustrations in any or all of these areas eliminated.  How do I do this?  By teaching you how to implement user-friendly tools and systems to help you to get more organised and most importantly stay organised. These easy stepped systems really work and, best of all can be maintained.

What will happen when you are more organised?  It will allow you to find the time for more important things in your life, like:-

  • Spending time with your family instead of spending time looking for documents, emails and things you cannot find.
  • Being able to focus on the job at hand.
  • Being able to spend time on building and growing your business instead of drowning in piles of paper, email overload and clutter.
  • No longer  wasting time and money due to disorganisation

I will achieve this with you by sharing fun and interactive WORKSHOPS and seminars with breakaway practical sessions on a number of different organising topics. I also offer one on one  CONSULTATIONS, Skype Sessions or phone calls.

With 8 years of experience as a Certified organising Professional, consultant, speaker  & workshop facilitator, trained in the Paper Flow® Paperwork system and in8®steps Home Organising systems, as an Outlook expert, I am fully qualified to work with clients in all stages and areas of their disorganisation.

I will:

  • implement organising solutions tailored to you and your companies  specific needs
  • draw on resources, templates and guidelines of the systems
  • offer a satisfaction guarantee for all work undertaken or your money back

Why work with me?

“It is essential that you feel comfortable with me as your organising mentor.
You will always be treated with respect, compassion and the utmost confidence.
I will be there to support and assist you and will not be judgmental, critical or overly pushy.

Because I was not always organised or born with the “organising gene” I really understand how you feel.

I know through my own experience that it is possible to learn to get more organised.

I intend to give you flexible, personalised assistance and will use unique customised solutions and tools and techniques to fit your individual needs.
I love to help people get organised so that they can get on with the more important things in their lives.”

I am an enthusiastic, highly organized, results-driven individual with extensive administration, marketing, advertising and organising experience. Throughout her working life, the one constant I  found is that organised people are successful people.

Not sure if the organisation follows success or success follows organisation I was determined to discover which was true. My continuous quest for self-improvement led to my discovery of the Paper Flow® and in8®steps systems and to meeting MaryAnne Bennie ( the author of these programs) .

I  bring over 25 years of experience in areas such as administration (both in corporate and small to medium enterprise) as well as advertising, marketing and personal development training. My entrepreneurial flair led to having my own successful advertising and administration consultancies and importing businesses.

My philosophy is ‘Count your blessings every day and always take responsibility for your actions’.

I have discovered the answer to my question is that success and organisation go hand in hand.

I now love to assist others in achieving their organisational potential.

On a personal level, my passions include my amazing family, friends, stationery, dancing, cycling, Yoga, Pilates, cooking,(loving my Thermomix)  movies and travel. (Not necessarily in that order). I am always looking for new ways to organise, motivate and improve my life and the lives of those around me.  I do my best to always do everything with enthusiasm, smiles and laughter.

Want to know more?  Call me and let’s chat on what options are available to you and your budget.

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