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5 Top Tips on Dealing with Email Overload

5 Top Tips on Dealing with Email Overload

Do you and your team find email overload is your biggest time waster during your day? 

Here are some easy tips to put into practice right away to start to take back control of your inbox.



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If you have an auto-notify on your email system, please turn it off. Interruptions rob us of our productivity. Don’t let the *ding* of each new email dictate the flow of your day, take control.

Set scheduled times to check your emails and then stick with those scheduled times –resist the temptation to take a sneak peek.

Try checking emails on the top of the even hours: 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM and 4 PM.

Setting specific times to handle email not only cuts interruptions but also allows you to know how much time you’re spending on emails.



time for action


Just as it is easy to Paper Shuffle – it is easy to Email shuffle!  ASK THE CRITICAL QUESTION of each email?  “What is the very next thing I need to do with you?”



  • Delete – I do not need this email
  • Action – Place in an action folder
  • Keep for future reference – Place in a reference folder



Skim subject lines and get rid of emails you don’t need immediately.


ACTION If you need to action an email then setting up  designated labelled folders on the side of

your outlook will allow you to move emails out of your in box and make them easier to access.

This assists in keeping your inbox under control.


Categorise these folders, just like you would with paper folders.





8 minute blitz for blog

In order to keep on top of your emails to action you need to schedule time.

“what gets scheduled gets done!”

Once you have checked your emails, deleted the unnecessary ones and placed the others into categories you will need to check those folders REGULARLY to action any necessary follow up.

You need to make time to get organised.

Schedule a time in your diary every day to keep on top of your emails.

Treat this scheduled time just as if it was an appointment with your client, doctor, dentist or your accountant.




Establish “Rules” to help with sorting  email into particular folders.

This is an automatic declutter of your In Box


Most email programs, such as Outlook and Gmail, allow you to establish “Rules” to help with sorting

email into particular folders.

Once you have set up your folders in your outlook and categorised these. Next step is to set up rules for these folders.

For instance, you might get several emails from  a specific person / company.

Example –  an important newsletter  You want to read to keep up to date with current fashion trends and products but you don’t want them to clutter your Inbox.

This is where you could set up a Rule in your email program that moves emails with “Newsletter name” and it will directly into the folder set up.



email overload unsubscribe

Don’t stay on lists that are not serving you.  Be particular about the newsletter lists you sign up

for and remain on.


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