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Sue available for speaking

Sue available for speaking

Sue available for speaking and presenting

WHY BOOK IN  SUE IN FOR your Professional Development day, Seminar, retreat OR private workshop?

Sue Glasser is a well known Organising Mentor and expert on all things organising

After struggling with disorganisation herself Sue is very relatable and allows her audience to feel comfortable with owning their own disorganisation issues. Helping them to understand that getting organised is in fact something you can learn and that it is a transferable skill that can be acquired.

“I was not always an organised person, my office was in an upheaval and I did not know what to do with all my stationery tools I had cluttering up the space. I had a lot of stationery as it is a passion of mine.

After learning that simple systems like Paper Flow with the right tools allowed me to get organised and stay organised my life and attitude changed. I realised you don’t have to be born with an organising gene to get organised.

Now I passionately share this with others. Showing them how in small, simple steps they are able to take back control of their space and their stuff and ultimately their lives. ”

5 reasons why you should book Sue to speak at your next event:

  1. Sue speaks with a lot of heart and humour.
  2. She has a warm and friendly  style making  the people in the room feel comfortable while learning.
  3. Her wealth of experience allows her to share her organising knowledge & experience with confidence.
  4. Her passion and enthusiasm for paperwork and all things organising are inspiring and infectious.
  5. The audience are guaranteed to walk away with practical tips and techniques to make life changes  immediately.

Sue Glasser is available for speaking and running workshops in your workplace or venue of your choice.

An experienced presenter, Sue informs and entertains audiences with stories, USEFUL TIPS AND IDEAS.. Audiences come away inspired, MOTIVATED AND EQUIPPED WITH THE NECESSARY TOOLS to implement positive changes IN THEIR WORKPLACE AND IN THEIR PERSONAL LIVES.

Sue’s Topics for Key note, Presentations and Workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Let your Paper Flow: Setting up the six Paper Flow stations to rescue you from under your paper and information clutter
  • Business Flow: How small business can deal with any piece of information within a   few minutes – Teaching you to all speak the     same “paper language”
  • Desk Flow: Personal space management at home and at work.
  • From Stuffocation to Liberation: how to go from stuffed to sorted in 8 simple steps – taking back control of your space
  • Email overload – Taking back control of your in box
  • Digital Declutter – Taking control of your desktop
  • Cost of disorganisation: How to save time , money and stress by getting more organised
  • Tax Time Paperwork Tips : Tax Paperwork Tamed
  • Top organising tips : Learning where to start with simple and practical ideas
  • Leaving a Legacy: Important documents and paperwork safe and sound
  • Networking Paperwork: From Business card mayhem to successful follow up
  • Declutterd Mind – Declutterd Space and visa versa
  • Being organised is a habit you CAN create – learning how to create and  set organising habits in place


All topics are suited to the audience needs and size.
Additional topics can be created and customised upon request.
To learn more or book in a date contact Sue now